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While most of our advisors have many years worth of experience, PRIMESolutions Advisors, LLC was formed in 2000 to consolidate several individual advisory practices into one.  As a dedicated group of professionals that maintain independence and objectivity with no proprietary products or requirements, we advise corporate and individual clients in a variety of ways.  Most importantly, we were built around client service and not product sales.

Starting with our very first 401(k) plan in 1986, we understand the need for qualified fiduciary and retirement advice.  Our principals average over 15 years of experience working with retirement plans.

We provide assistance to small and large businesses for 401(k) and other qualified plan analysis through our comprehensive fiduciary advisory services.  We are committed to delivering exceptional retirement plan services at both the sponsor and participant levels.  Moreover, we are one of the few firms in the region that is willing and able to sign onto a 401(k) plan as a co-fiduciary.

With our experience and emphasis on retirement plans, we help companies create more effective retirement solutions and help participants take full advantage of the plan.

In addition, we offer deferred compensation programs and other executive benefits.

Utilizing comprehensive wealth management strategies, we also assist individuals in preparing for current financial needs and help develop strategies to meet future goals.  We customize and investment strategy that reflects evolving needs while helping clients keep more money, grow that money and protect that money.

We have teaming relationships with industry professionals to provide ancillary services to our clients, including tax and insurance work.  It provides a unique situation for most areas of our clients’ well-rounded financial health.