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Retirement Plan Governance

We believe that your company has more strategic things to do than worry about every detail of your plan’s administration.

Fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities involved in managing an employer-sponsored plan, we believe you should have an experienced retirement professional willing to sign on as co-fiduciary and assist you with a prudent and documented process.

  • We believe that any and all fees associated with your retirement plan should be reasonable and documented
  • We will help you evaluate the costs of multiple provider proposals for proper due diligence, prudent evaluation and selection, and we will continue to monitor accordingly
  • We believe that the best audit defense is a well-documented process to demonstrate compliance with regulations and a solid plan decision-making process
  • We will implement a Fiduciary Risk Management Program for your company’s Plan

Through this philosophy and our mission, we strive to help you address several key components of a successful retirement plan…

Plan Governance

  • Fiduciary Risk Management and Oversight
  • Investment Policy Statements/Monitoring
  • Plan Level Benchmarking
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Investment Committee Fiduciary Training
  • Plan Design and Compliance Review(s)
  • ERISA soft dollar fee recapture
  • 404(c) Review