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Fiduciary Risk Management

A “fiduciary” is a person who is charged with the management and operation of a qualified retirement plan.  They discharge their duties for the sole purpose of securing (protecting) the future benefits of participants and beneficiaries.

In today’s volatile investment climate, an institutional fiduciary faces a dynamic and challenging environment.  Plan sponsors need to pay particularly close attention to their fiduciary responsibilities.  Personal liability, complex laws and regulations, lack of fee transparency, conflicts of interest, and increased scrutiny by investors and regulators represent just a few of the trends that must be addressed.  Plan sponsors may be aware of their responsibilities to their plans, yet often they lack the resources and expertise to recognize and mitigate fiduciary risk.

PRIMESolutions Advisors, LLC is a Federally Registered Investment Advisor providing retirement consulting and investment advisory services to plan sponsors.   We provide guidance and oversight solutions to individuals who serve on committees for retirement plans, trusts and foundations.  The result is an integrated program that puts in place prudent processes and organizational structures that lead to well-informed decision-making, risk management and a higher probability of successful outcomes to help mitigate fiduciary risk.

Moreover, we are one of the few firms in the region that become a co-fiduciary to those plans that we consult and/or advise on.