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Plan Benchmarking

The best way to determine whether an employer is providing the best available plan to its employees is to benchmark the plan against other programs of its size.

  • Are the plan’s expenses the lowest available?
  • Are its investments performing well?
  • Is the plan professionally administered and serviced?
  • Is the Plan Committee comfortable with its role and is it effective in its actions?

PRIMESolutions Advisors’ professionals have conducted hundreds of benchmarking exercises for plans. We will find any hidden fees, rate the performance of plan investments, determine how much revenue your plan generates for the plan providers, and assess your options for reducing your plan’s overall costs.
We go beyond standard vendor-provided proposals to get the right information to determine whether your plan’s costs are reasonable. Our reports evaluate whether a plan’s needs are being fulfilled or could best be served by another vendor(s). We will put our experience to work for you in negotiating better pricing or enhanced services. Finally, if it makes sense to switch providers, we help negotiate a favorable outcome for your plan and your employees.

Vendor Search & Selection – Selecting your 401k vendor is a serious fiduciary obligation.  We help you develop your selection criteria, guide you through the vendor evaluation process, give you our recommendation, and help you manage the implementation process once you’ve made your decision.

We benchmark your plan in these areas:

  1. Costs- our clients are below the average costs listed in most surveys.
  2. Funds
  3. IPS (investment policy statement?) – do you have one? Last reviewed?
  4. Set up Fiduciary oversight process
  5. Evaluate the plan participants vs. other companies in your industry group